Grandpa Joe Flamm
1st generation 

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Seymour Flamm
2nd generation 

Sweet Pickle
Relish, Dill
Pickle Relish,
Pickle Brine 
used as
ingredients in
dressing &
sauces such as
Island Dressing,
Tartar Sauce
& Sandwich
Spread all at
Flamm's Pickles.

Our History...
Not much has changed here on Hipps Hollow over the years. People still believe in being friendly and that hard work is the way to get ahead. There's just something about Hipps Hollow that makes old fashioned ideas like quality and intergrity seem right up to date.

All of us here at Flamm's Pickles are proud and think we have a good reason. To this day, we still relish the chance to be just as particular about pickles as we were back in 1917 when Grandpa Joe Flamm started making pickles. That's 90 years of the Flamm family doing their best.  Few folks make more pickle relish than Flamm's...which means you've probably enjoyed our relish in your favorite thousand island dressing, tartar sauce or sandwich spread.  If you have a little time on your hands, we sure would appreciate if you would ask those people you buy dressings and sauces from to make sure they're using Flamm's relish. Your tummy will thank you and we sure do, too!

We sell Sweet and Dill pickle relish in 55 gallon drums, 2000 pound totes and we'll even do 5 gallon pails if you need it that way.  Our customers give us a sample or specification to match-or even just a taste wish and our amazing Quality Control department does the rest.  We're sorry we don't have anything that will fit in your refrigerator but little companies like ours can't really afford to have shelf space in the grocery stores. That's why we sure do appreciate our customers who manufacture those tasty dressings and sauces.

We knew it was time to put something up on the computer so people could read about us so we had what big companies call a corporate meeting-we just got together for a sandwich down at the Corner Cafe-and this is what we came up with.  We hope you like it and we'll keep trying to make it better and better.  Thanks for visiting our web page and we hope you "relish" your day...

Most sincerely,

The Folk's at Flamm's Pickles

Bubby Anna Flamm 
1st generation with
Gina Flamm
3rd generation